About Jhopri Restaurant

The British demarcated the North-West Frontier Province in the year 1900 , which comprised of Afghanistan , and the Northwest part of pre-independence India. The cuisine has been inspired by the essence of North West frontier tradition of camaraderie around the warm glow of a campfire-succulent tandoori fare, low on oil and high on authenticity.

The food is cooked in clay ovens or tandoor in the traditional style of the Indian North-West Frontier region. This style of cooking requires great expertise on the part of the chefs, since the meat is not accompanied by any sauce or gravy , but only pre-marinated and cooked before serving. It takes a chef years of meticulous training and dedication to master the technique of the art of making the breads that are so much vital part of the cuisine, or to acquire the ability to gauge spices. Mix marinades, and the most vital of all, to judge the heat of the tandoor and the time necessary for each dish to be perfectly cooked.

At Jhopri the tandoori cuisine of the North-West frontier of India, find a new meaning, reveling in the most delicious kababs.

An indulgent collection of the best kormas, curries & kababs that Indian cuisine has to offer, the menu at Jhopri has been brought together with a great deal of care and intricacies of balancing flavors. At Jhopri, you are bound to find your absolute favorites from across India.